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Igor Kheifets is one of the world’s top affiliate marketers. His name shines at the top of every affiliate leaderboard or product launch he participates in. Igor is also the author of “List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire” where he reveals how he went from struggling affiliate marketer to becoming the world’s foremost authority on working from home.

During the free workshop, Igor shared why the old way of doing affiliate marketing no longer works. You’ll also discover a secret type of affiliate programs that Igor has been using to make up to $74,400 in commissions in 7 days and as much as $21,779.45 in 24 hours.. And you’ll also find out a new 1-page site that doubled Igor’s affiliate commissions overnight!

At the end of the free workshop, Igor announced the release of Elite Affiliate Pro, his proprietary system for struggling affiliates. Attendees saw and understood how to finally create wildly profitable affiliate campaigns in 2019, with minimal guesswork.

In addition, they received Igor’s outsource kit and can now outsource the creation of those campaigns, while doing very little themselves. Finally, Igor pulled the curtains to his Rolodex of private affiliate offers that are unknown to most people and revealed how anyone (even newbies) can get permission to promote them.

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